Monday, March 14, 2011

Wow Has it really been 2yrs?

Two years Wow

So how have you been? Life treating you well?

I was feeling a bit conflicted and as far the blog went, I got tired of hearing my own voice. So I took a little break. I never intended it to be a two year hiatus.

I try to explain this because now it seems rather silly.

The sex was great. The communication was open and honest. Somehow during all of this I let doubt creep back in. I started question myself again. When I accepted who I really was and I was given a safe place to let that person out to play. I felt sexy, strong, desired. I was/ I am all those things. Ah but then there was a bit of back sliding somehow guilt and shame worked their way back into my head. Suddenly I didn’t feel so secure. It’s interesting how I could feel safe, sexy and strong while naked and bound to a bed. But fully clothed sitting on the couch on a Sat afternoon could leave me feeling like a freak. So I took a step back and reevaluated the situation. I talked to Sir. I asked myself some questions and dared myself to be completely honest. I am a Submissive Cock slut Wife. I am happiest and at my best giving pleasure to Sir. I’m ok with that. It’ didn’t take me two years to get to this point t but it did take me a while. I found Fetlife to be very useful and welcoming place. While I may not be ready to stand in the middle of my lawn and announce it to the world. I am more comfortable with myself than I have ever been.

So it hasn't all been about the emotional journey there has been a lot of training.

More on the next time

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blow Job

I love to give blow jobs. Sucking M.T. cock is so thrilling for me. This weekend I was so hot to suck him off I didn't even ask permission first. He went up stairs to take a nap. I followed him climb into bed next him. I undid his pants and went to it. the next day I realized not only did I forget to ask permission I didn't even thank him. All of which breaks several rules. I begged forgiveness and pleaded to suck his beautiful cock again. He forgave me and granted my request. It turns me on to satisfy him. I can't help my self I get off on it. The reason I bring it I may be a bit obsessed. I would blow M.T. every day if he asked.I have been writing a story for M.T. a little piece of fiction that incorporates his favorite types of porn!It started as a short story for Valentines day and now is ten pages long. I still have more to write. While I was doing some editing I realized one theme continues to pop up, the blow job.In ten pages there are six blow jobs. Of those, six of which are given by the main character. The only one she is not directly involved in she watches,

So here is the question: Is there such a thing as too much head?

below a rough draft from the story

The three men stood in front of Pet. The on in the middle moved closer toward Pet."Suck us off Slut"Pet brought herself up on her knees and opened her mouth. the man in the middle pushed his cock into her waiting mouth. Pet began to suck. She reached out and grasped the other two men firmly. She did her best to accommodate all of them. taking the first cock fully in her mouth. she worked her head up and down. Sucking hard and swirling her tongue while stroking the other two. The man in her mouth began to cum he withdrew quickly. Pet was unable to swallow it all. The cum dripped down her chin. she heard her Master voice urging her on"Suck those cocks Slut, Yes I know how much you like cock in your mouth"She glanced at her master he he was stroking his cock he moved closer and came on her face. Thank you she manged to say before the second cock was stuffed in her mouth. This man grabbed her head and pumped hard in and out of her mouth.Doing her best to keep up with his rhythm and still stroke the third man. Pet was grunting . The second man pushed Pets head back he pulled out of her and came all over her face and tits. The third cock pushed past her lips and deep into her throat. gagging a little she went to work her head moving faster as she worked him from top to bottom . He was so deep inside her her chin brushed his balls. The Third man moaned loudly as he pull from her mouth splashing his cum on her lips and tongue. " Clean us off Slut" the third man ordered. Obediently Pet licked the last drops of cum from each man. She thanked each man for the the pleasure of his cock.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

still here

we are still here just haven't had time to put anything down.
I've been working on a little story. Just haven't been able to get the way I want . I will post a section of it soon, you can tell me what you think.
A new trainee

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Half Nekkid Thursday

Here's one to open up your eyes....

Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Nekkid Thursday ( on Friday )

Happy Nekkid Thursday! ( a day late....I hang my head in shame)


Monday, August 4, 2008

Lap Dance anyone?

The gentleman's club , The strip club , The titty Bar whatever you wish to call it you probably have one close to home. Have you ever been to one? I have . Yes I will admit it I have been to a few not my first choice of bars but, I have been there.

When I was younger I was not happy when M.T. and his buddies went to a "club". I would think what does he need to go there for? Why does he need/want to look at other women. (immature thinking yes I understand better now) I never understood why someone would want to go look at something you can't have. I 'am not into male strippers. The only way I like to see a naked man standing in front of me is with his tool in hand asking me if I want some! anyway back to my point, M.T. would explain it's just entertainment I'm not going home with anyone he would explain just taking in the sights. Which was true. He never brought a dancer home with him. When he did come home I wasn't exactly waiting with open arms, still I was not angry , I will be honest I was insecure. Then one night I lost a bet and I had to go to a club. My opinion changed after that. This isn't so bad. I was still a little uncomfortable. But M.T. does like to look at beautiful women. No harm in that. He never checks out other women in front of me. Well I have never caught him. He never says things like" is *&%$ your friend with the big tits? "all in all he is very respectful. So I decided to get over it and let him have some fun.
At the "club" I learned the rules; No touching, No going up on stage etc. Seems like a waste of money but, hey what ever turns you on. Whenever M.T went to one of these clubs with his friends I would wind up with a bunch of T-shirts from the married guys who got lap dances. If they went home with the T-shirts their wives would be angry. they always found it strange that M.T. would tell me where he had been and even stranger still I didn't mind.

A Few years ago I threw M.T a surprise party for his birthday. I rented a bus, invited a bunch of male and female friends. I told everyone before hand at the end of the night we were going to a "club" if you didn't like you could stay on the bus or find another way home. To my surprise none of the ladies complained. I think they were all a little curious. I think the guys were happy they didn't have to hide anything." Gee honey we have to go in we don't want to be rude"

I learned a few important things that night. First thing: I was in the ladies room when I few of the dancer came in they said they thought it was great that we came out with the guys. One women said "It's great for you We do the work you get the reward" Then I realized she was right. He will be horny after looking at all the beautiful women I should take advantage and open my ....well you get the picture!

Second thing I was okay with the women onstage. I actually picked up a few moves. I realized that in a strip club yes it is okay to look. You don't have to feel guilty.

Third thing: I was not okay with the lap dance. M.T. ask one of the dancers to give me a lap dance. I was uncomfortable Do I look, do I not look. Am I supposed to be complimentary? after a few seconds I asked her to finish in front of M.T. Oh that did not sit well with me. It was hard to watch. For some reason I could not handle the dancer that close to M.T. I was jealous. I don't think he noticed it bothered me. I was trying hard not to show it. I got over it but I made a mental note not to put myself or him in that position again. It wasn't fair to him. He had done nothing wrong, in hind site it was silly to get upset. But I am human and I realized I have a jealous streak. All in all the evening went well. And no one complained about going to the club . One or two couples actually thanked me. The women understood what went on. In fact the women were so comfortable one or two flashed the crowd on the bus. Yes I did too. One guy actually gave the girls a look at his goods.

M.T. hardly ever go to the "clubs" anymore. damm no more t-shirts for me. I had not been to a club again. Figuring it best If I stay home.

Sat M.T. went out again. We had dinner and went to see some stand up comedy.Before we went home I suggested we go the "Club" next door. I had promised him last week. I would get him a professional lap dance. I never tease, so off we went. I braced my self and decided I would just not watch. Let him have some fun I told myself. Everyone deserves time off for good behavior. He should be able to look. After all this time he should be able to look at another naked body.

So we are in the club for a few minutes I realized I was more comfortable looking at the women on stage. I was very impressed by one dancer who pulled herself all the way up the pole about 8 feet Then, she slid upside down back to the stage. I 'am pretty athletic but, there is no way I could do that.
Even though I 'am fairly comfortable in my own skin now, I don't think there is anyway I could dance naked in front of a room full of strangers. I have to give the dancers a lot of credit.

I turned to M.T. and asked him "what's it going to be Blond Brunette Big tits or small? You have a room full of women to pick from."
Before he could answer a petite and pretty brunette came up to me introduced herself as Haylee and asked if I wanted anything. I declined and turn to M.T. "Honey Haylee would like to know if you would like a dance" big smile on his face "Sure"
I thought he might pass on her. Her body type was similar to mine. I thought he might go for something completely different tall blond big chest. but he seemed pleased.
I prepared myself to look in another direction when she opened his legs and stood between them. I didn't, off came her top and she began to move. I continued to watch. This time the smile that spread across M.T.'s face did not bother me. She continued to grind up against him. and I was OK. He was still smiling . I was sitting just a little behind them so I did not have to make eye contact with either of them. I was glad he was enjoying it. It' didn't turn me on but it did make me feel uneasy either. i was glad he was happy. When Haylee was finished I handed M.T. the money. We both thanked her as she walked away.
We watched the dancers for a few more minutes then M.T. asked if I was ready to go. I was indeed ready.
In the car on the way home M.T. told me he wanted me to give him a lap dance when we got home. I told I would be happy too!
I was wearing a denim skirt that barley covered my ass tank top n bra and a black lace thong. a good outfit for a lap dance.
once at home M.T. went and sat in a lounge chair on the patio. It's good chair for a lap dance . It is long enough for me to slide down him without hitting the floor.
My thong had been removed in the car. So I was free to begin. I had once again picked a few moves at the "club " and was eager to try them out! I began my bump and grind. Big big smile on M.T.'s face. I pulled my top down and gave him the titty rub on his head. At one point I pushed myself up using the arms of the chair. Swung one leg on each of his shoulders. so his face was between my legs I leaned back and slide down the length of his body. when I reached his feet I flipped over and slide up his body stopping to give his cock a little attention! Back on my feet I turn so my back was facing him bent over and grabbed my ankles and gave my butt a shake. I continued my routine until M.T. order me into the bedroom.

I didn't get twenty bucks for my effort but I was well rewarded!

Are you in favor of the lap dance? Can you watch your partner getting one? Can you handle having your partner watch you get a lap dance? Do yo prefer the professional version or do you like them in the privacy of your own home?
I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the subject.
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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Half Nekkid Thursday

Jeez, Thursday comes so quickly. Here is a little treat for both you and the wonderful folks at Tits For Troops ( here and of course our brave men and women of the armed forces.